1001Ebook » Entreprise et Bourse » I'm A Freaking GENIUS: Why Is This Business So Hard? (2022)
  • Auteur: Mike Campion
  • Editeur: Advantage Media Group (7 juin 2015)
  • Pages: ‎ 174 pages
  • Langue: Français

Description du livre I'm A Freaking GENIUS: Why Is This Business So Hard? (2022):

Welcome to the back of my book. I had a feeling we would meet like this. I am going to take a wild guess that you are a wise human being trying to decide whether or not this book is for real. Allow me to interject two quick thoughts as you weigh out this high dollar, potentially life changing purchase: Excellent Point #1: My yacht isn’t going to pay for itself- here is your big chance to do your part. Equally Excellent Point #2: YOUR yacht won’t pay for itself, either. I know, I know, there is probably only a 60-80 percent chance you have a yacht payment (you probably own yours free and clear), but the fact remains, you aren’t allergic to money―you are a Freaking GENIUS and your business isn’t behaving. You might want to sit down for these bullets―a couple are gonna sting… • Tired of putting up with crabby customers? • Feel like you just can’t get to the “next level”? • Sick of your business owning you instead of the other way around? • Want to know what the people who have more success with less effort know? • Sick of reading books that have a lot of great sounding concepts, but don’t tell you exactly what to do NOW? Did a silent, single tear just slide down your left cheek? You, friend, are in the right place! The genius outburst that you now hold is full of things you can do today to start living the life you want. Only one question remains... Who am I and why should you care? Fair question. My name is Mike Campion and I am just a run of the mill business owner who has spent the last two decades working his tail off passionately buying, selling, and studying the art of business. I have built, bought, and sold multiple businesses and went through a lot of brain damage in the process. I eat, drink, sleep, and sadly shower with thoughts of how to make better businesses and happier business owners dancing in my head. This book is twenty years of figuring junk out, compressed into a hundred and eighty pages of ACTIONABLE business strategies that have worked in my life and the lives of those I have worked with and studied. If your juices aren’t flowing, put this book down, slowly back away and maybe check out one of those Harry Potter books I’ve heard so much about. If this is getting you fired up, quit fooling around―run to the register, throw whatever money you have at the cashier, run to the safety of your car and start reading immediately!


This book is full of value and is worth so more than what costs. I highly recommend it.
Anytime you can learn in one book what took decades for someone else to learn, then you can save yourself so much blood, sweat and tears.
This information is straitforward and to the point.
Being a person with ADHD (as well as a few other letters) I loved it!