1001Ebook » Entreprise et Bourse » The Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing and Thinking (2022)
  • Auteur: Barbara Minto
  • Editeur:
  • Pages: 234 pages
  • Langue: Français

Description du livre The Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing and Thinking (2022):


The Pyramid Principle is the international best-seller on how to think creatively, reason lucidly and produce crisp, clear, compelling business writing.

Join the tens of thousands of people worldwide who have benefited from Barbara Minto’s technique, to present your thinking so clearly that the ideas jump off the page and into the mind of the reader.

Can your writing do without it?


I was given the previous 3rd edition as a part of a consulting course that I found extremely valuable.

I purchased this edition that has been reprinted this year. It is vastly improved in its structure with the addition of two new sections on Logic in Problem Solving and Logic in Presentation with additional appendixes. The techniques taught in this book are used by many professional consulting firms to create clear persuasive messages. Even if you are able to grasp a small part of the principles in this book your reports and presentations will be vastly improved.

Highly recommended.